Rainbow through the different

Spectrum of solutions

My name is Karen Simmons, I’m a mother of 7 children, the founder of autism today foundation, co author of chicken soup for the soul children with special needs , and many other books, while host to many other conferences across north America since 1998.

Because autism is a spectrum of differences im here to introduce you to a spectrum of solutions in which I am taking you through a journey of a rainbow of colors describing how they relate to autism in order to make your journey more memorable.



The first color red stands for relationships

The second color is orange and it stands for emotions

The third color is yellow and it stands for energy and sustainability

The forth color is green it stands for money and resources

The fifth is blue and it stands for education learning and knowledge

The sixth is indigo which stands for tranquility and relaxation

Finally the seventh is violet, the glue that has held me together the most, spirituality

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have putting this together for you.